Registration for the
2022-2023 Magis program will begin May 1, 2022

Within a few days after you complete the online registration form below, you will receive an invoice by email, as we do not have an automated billing system that makes payable possible immediately. The amount of the invoice will be for the total amount that you promise to pay for the Magis program. However, only $35 of the total amount needs to be paid to complete your registration for the program. You may pay any remaining balance due at your convenience.

The invoice that you receive will offer you the option to click a link to pay any amount electronically via bank transfer or credit card. Alternatively, you can simply print out the invoice and mail it in with a check. Remember that at least $35 of the invoice must be paid before September to complete your registration.

Please be sure to indicate the number of the small group in which you wish to participate. The list of the small groups can be found on the Magis Program web page.