A New Daily Spiritual Resource from Clarence Heller

Local spiritual director, poet, artist and former Bridges board member and prayer companion Clarence Heller has recently launched A Piece of Goodness, a daily Twitter-length excerpt from one of his poems, with convenient access to the entire poem for those who wish to engage it. These messages are available through:

A daily email
Facebook and

An archive of past posts can be found on the A Piece of Goodness page of www.clarenceheller.com.

Clarence’s first book, Everyday Sacred, was published nine years ago, and received the following praise:

We need evocative words and compelling images to help us break out, and break through to the Divine. Well, here are some very good ones!
Richard Rohr, OFM

Everyday Sacred allows us to uncover the divine presence shining through our various worlds. These intimate poetic reflections and vibrant paintings take us through the everyday areas of nature, home, family, Jesus, communion, church, and the present moment, letting God invite us to wonder and to love. I strongly recommend savoring slowly the many marvelously rich nourishments here that each person can make his or her own.”
The late David Fleming, SJ

“‘Of all the ways God seeps out through my life…’ leads into one of Clarence Heller’s poems. Everyday Sacred is one of those ways. Earthy and alive in imagery, his poetic writing seduces the reader into desiring a relationship with God as rich and sensual as the author’s. Not to be read cursorily, each poem offers a mirrored moment in which to catch the reflection of one’s own deepest longing.”
The late Marian Cowan, CSJ

Clarence Heller is a friend of Bridges, having served on the Bridges Board for five years, as a prayer companion for two years, and as the coordinator for the Moments of Grace + Prayer ministry (formerly known as Week/Month of Guided Prayer) since 2005. A significant number of Bridges retreatants are first exposed to Ignatian Spirituality through the MG+P and a substantial percentage of the MG+P spiritual companions have or currently are serving as prayer companions in Bridges.