Advent 2020: Welcome to the ‘Demented Inn’

In this time of advent hope — even in a seemingly hopeless time — we wait to welcome Christ again to the world. Unlike those people in Bethlehem 2,000 years ago, we pledge to make room for him in the “inns” of our hearts, right? That’s the real hope for us right now. Do we have the courage to open the door?

A Rough Entry into the Spiritual Exercises

Dr. Hsin-hsin Huang came to Bridges in 1997, searching for a spiritual formational program to help her integrate spirituality and psychology. She was in a spiritual desert, thirsty for something to quench her dried-out soul. Twenty years later, she continues to “marinate in the richness of the Spiritual Exercises” — a way, she says, “of living, praying, relating to God, knowing Jesus, and living in radical honesty.”